About Us

Coastal Recovery Center was established as a result of a recognized need for an alternative to medical and counseling treatment of addictions (substance and behavior) and co-occurring disorders. Few places offer both counseling therapy and medical treatment on an outpatient basis all under one roof. We also realize that the patient is not the only suffering soul when there are difficulties in a person’s life. The impact on family and loved ones is tremendous. We are family oriented in our approach, providing needs for the extended family, and include them in the therapeutic process.

​Our Approach

The caring healing centered approach to assessment and treatment is on an individual basis and provided with a combination of medical intervention and counseling in order to maximize efficacy. Our personal, professional team is equipped with years of experience in the treatment of Addictions (substance and behavior), Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Attachment issues, and other Co-occurring Disorders. The approach is holistic in treating the mind, body, and Spirit, recognizing that they are inseparable, one affecting the other. Please see our services for a more detailed look at who and what we treat.

Meet the Team

A Tribute to Dr. Jim Graham

For nearly four decades, Dr. Jim Graham worked tirelessly in addiction medicine and was awarded the Pioneer of the Year Award in 2020 by Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Graham, in the form of Coastal Recovery Center, established one of the first intensive outpatient treatment centers in the country.

Addiction is more than a physical dependence. It is a bondage of the soul, mind, and body. Not only does it separate us from our families, but it leads toward the destruction of everything important to us.